In this video is Kyle, introduces our bourbon flight Fridays for all you chronic bourbon drinkers out there. Every other Friday, starting October 7th, come try a new surprise selection of bourbon and whiskey that we'll be serving. If you haven't been to Chronic Golf before, we have over a hundred golf courses to choose from, in addition to 13 traditional games and sports on our private virtual sims! Stop by or reserve online today!

What is a Bourbon Flight?

A bourbon flight is when you select a few different bourbons to taste side by side. This is a great way to explore different brands and styles of bourbons. At Chronic Golf, we like to switch up our selections every other week so you can come back and try something new each time!

Bourbon tasting tips

When tasting bourbon, it's important to pay attention to the following:

• the appearance of the liquid

• the aromas that arise when you swirl it in the glass

• the flavors that hit your palate

• the finish, or aftertaste.

It's also important to use a proper glass so that you can fully enjoy all the nuances of each bourbon. We recommend using a Glencairn glass, which has a wide bowl and narrow opening. This allows you to really take in the smells of the bourbon while still being able to taste it properly.

Always Drink Responsibly

Finally, remember to drink responsibly! We want everyone at Chronic Golf to have a great time and be safe while they're here. We hope you'll join us this Friday (and every other Friday!) at Chronic Golf for our bourbon flight special. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long week or kick off your weekend plans!



Best Place to Drink Bourbon on Hilton Head Island: Chronic Golf Looking for the best place for bourbon on Hilton Head Island? Join us every Friday for Bourbon Flight Friday at Chronic Golf & Multi-sport on Hilton Head Island! 🥃 Come see what Keil, The Bourbon Dude, has in store with this week’s picks! Always a fun way to spend your Friday at Chronic! #chronicgolf #bourbon #flights #HHI #franchise #bourbondude #hiltonheadisland #golf #simulators #happyhour #sportsbar

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