Chronic Golf Franchise Program

Whether you’re an avid golfer, an all-around athlete or a major sports fan, Chronic Golf transforms your love of the game into the ultimate indoor sports experience! With its unique approach and impressive ROI, Chronic Golf has become an industry leader in the world of Gaming and Sports Entertainment Centers.

Chronic Golf first opened its doors in July 2021 in Hilton Head, SC, to a welcoming crowd eager to play once again in a social setting. Its savvy business model transformed the “finding the time to play” mentality into an enthusiastic “making the time to play” mindset.

In a sports and gaming industry where facilities focus on limited concepts, Chronic Golf truly caters to the sports fan in all of us. Unlike other golf simulator bays that are predominantly golf-centric, Chronic Golf provides numerous stimulating options as well as upscale, customizable multi-sports lounges for a fun, luxurious feel that appeals to a wide range of clientele. This has made Chronic Golf a highly sought after venue for special events, corporate functions, birthdays, and so much more.



    As part of our franchise network, we’ll provide the necessary tools to enable a streamlined process for accounting, HR, payroll, and online reservation and self-ordering systems to reduce administrative burden and optimize the learning curve.

  • Marketing

    Part of our franchise package includes proven marketing strategies to guide you for optimal growth. Our concept goes beyond golf to include fans of all sports, which speaks to a broader audience.  Our reputation has cemented, recognizable brand partnerships for your franchise to enjoy.

  • Comprehensive Training

    Our hands-on training provides the ins and outs of setting you up for success. Throughtout the life of your franchise, our team is here for you with continual guidance and field support. 

    Support You Can Count On

    Our team is here throughout the life of your franchise! Experience top quality support to ensure the business running smoothly.

    Other Benefits

    We work with you to set your franchise for success. Whatever your goals and meeds, we'll help you achieve and exceed your expectations. Leverage our leadership team's experience and get up and operating quickly!


Ready for Your Own Chronic Golf Business?
Our team wants to hear from you! To get started, fill out the form and let us know what makes you the ideal Chronic Golf franchise partner.

The Chronic Golf Team Meets You!
Our Chronic Golf family wants to get to know you and allow you to get to know us. We will schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to go over any additional questions and details.

Discover the Difference
Chronic Golf invites you in for an up close and personal look at our operation. See what makes us different and unique and we’ll show you how to run a successful business that works with your lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s Review
Next, our team will send you a copy of the Chronic Golf Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. You will have 14 days to review the document.

Apply For Financing
After the FDD review, this is the time to apply for financing if needed!

Business is Ready to Commence!
As we move forward, you will review our FA (franchise agreement), sign the appropriate documents, and make your franchise ownership official. You are now a franchise partner!  Welcome to Team Chronic Golf!

In-Depth Training Starts Here
Our training program is simple and straightforward, packed with everything you need to know to operate, launch, and sustain your Chronic Golf franchise. We’re with you every step of the way and want to set you up for success.


We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

• Commitment to The Chronic Golf Brand
• Self-starter with Strong Attention to Detail
• Energy and Enthusiasm
•  Personal and Professional Integrity
• General Compatibility with The Chronic Golf Concept
• Business and Solution Oriented with a Growth Mindset

Above all, we’re looking for people who share our dedication to high-end customer service. We treat our clientele as part of our extended family and pride ourselves on top notch client relations.

If you’re a people person who enjoys interacting with sports fans and enthusiasts in a professional environment, you will reap the rewards of this financial investment to build and grow your franchise.


Chronic Golf has an impressive potential ROI for a franchise owner. Its exciting sports concept draws people in, however, it’s the unmatched entertainment value that keeps people coming back.

With applicability in just about any market, this unique gaming concept is as thrilling as it is financially sound. There are many reasons to join Team Chronic Golf - here are just a few:

Innovative Business Model with Low Competition

While there are several options for golf or gaming simulators, Chronic Golf offers an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind entertainment lounge experience.

Low Overhead and Flexible Staffing

Our proven business model enables minimal staffing, eliminating inflated hiring costs and allowing for lower overhead. This means our franchise partners can focus on scaling the business effectively and efficiently.

Self-Serve Luxury in Style

Chronic Golf has implemented an all digital, self-order system within our high end lounges, that is completely customizable and easily interchangeable with any updates.

The ability for patrons to place orders at their convenience through a technologically advanced system allows for customer privacy and no interruptions during game play, enabling efficiency and productivity at the highest level.

Broad Market with B2B and B2C Appeal

Having brand partnerships with Srixon and Cleveland Golf, as well as being an industry leader of its kind, Chronic Golf attracts businesses and consumers alike.

The ability to create memorable experiences and unique corporate and party events adds to the Chronic Golf’s broad appeal.

Diversity and Community Building

This business lends itself well to community involvement. In areas such as Hilton Head and places alike where sports and leisure synonymous with the lifestyle, Chronic Golf brings in people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Turnkey Rapid Start

Chronic Golf offers a turnkey solution to get you up and running quickly and efficiently! Our business accelerator kits provide ongoing accounting, HR, payroll, and reservation systems to minimize the administrative burden and learning curve, so you can get to market FAST.

Financially Sound Investment

Relative to numerous brick and mortar businesses, not only are overhead and start-up costs fairly low, but the business provides a physical asset (vehicles) with marketability and financial value.

Love What You Do

The Chronic Golf franchise model is exciting to work in and offers new experiences every day! If you’re a people person who thrives on building community within a fun, dynamic sports-centered setting, you’ll love owning your very own Chronic Golf franchise.

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